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If you have a business and don´t have a list then you have no business. Period.

Why is so important for your business to have an email list?

This the kind of questions that must never be asked, why? because it is more than obvious. Without an email list, there is no way to contact your customers, propects and or leads other than by using expensive means like mobile apps, SMS marketing or paid advertising.

The truth is that in this very century XXI, the use of mobile devices, mobile apps and social networks opens a wide range of possibilities but there is no thing like the use of email marketing techniques to approach your customers with one of the cheapest advertising media.

This is why one of the most important objectives of every business should be to buil it email lists.

Now once we have clear the imporatance of every business to build its lists what can be we say about the best tools to build an email list?

I´m glad you asked, there are several service providers known as Email Management Services, within the best known we can mention; Aweber, Getresponse, iContact, Trafficwave, AIOP, mailchimp, among several others.

All these services offers a wide gamma of features and also different prices based on these same features. the bad and the good news.

Well, there is no perfect service and all of them has  good and bad things, let´s mention only some of them.

The good things:

-Professional service

-Amazing features

-Ease of use

-Can be deployed on any website

-Cloud based software, there is nothing to download


The bad things:

-These services are expensive i nthe long term if you do not seize all their features.

-Need to invest time in their maintenance

-The more subscribers you have the higher the fees you must pay

The fact is thta these are well made software tools and you must use one of them in your tasks for list building. so my best recommendations are below:


Great email marketing system  with autoresponder, you can test drive this system by paying only $1 for a whole month, then $19/mo.



Great email marketing system  with autoresponder, you can test drive this system by paying nothing for a whole month, then $14/mo.


Now if you are on a budget and would like to deploy a FREE  Email Management Service on your own server, there are some options still.

And here´s my best recommendation which is a FREE PHP Script very easy to use and you can download a FREE illustrated guide on where to get it and how to do the set up with ease HERE.

Well, this all for today, I hope you are building your email lists for your business right now, if not  I do encourage you to re-read this whole article again.

Your friend

Hector Jayat


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