What Is That Clickfunnels Thing?

What is Clickfunnels?

What is that clickfunnels thing
What is that clickfunnels thing

Let´s start first with something else, a world where there is no clickfunnels, let´s go back a year or two back in time and imagine how thing were at that moment.

But before we move back in time let{s tlak a little about what is a sales funnels.

Most of us have purchase something offline or online and after the front end product we are invited to buy another product, either we opt it or not to buy that product we are presented to another offer and at the end we are sent to the download page, that´s a sales funnel and it works the same for several promotions like product sales, webinar, etc.

Ok now you have a better idea of what a sales funnel is right?

No I´m still not clear on my mind, please uses apples or something else.

ok, please wtach this video:

Now let me say that ClickFunnels does a lot of thing for you. It is an integrated system platform to create all kind of sales pages, capture pages, landing pages,  webinars, billing and more.

but as well it integrates a lot of services like email managemente service, affiliate tools and more. In short with clickfunnels you can have a full online business without the following tools:

Here’s what exactly ClickFunnels does:

  • It is a page builder/editor with a long list of templates.
  • It comes not only with page templates but also funnel templatesfunnel with a landing for a webinar registration page. That leads to a thank you page. That includes a live webinar page.That has a page for the replay. That leads to a sales page.
  • It does billing right inside the system. You can link a Stripe account with your Clickfunnels account and you can now make sales directly from inside your sales pages in Clickfunnels.

A Quick Overview of the Benefits of using ClickFunnels:

  • It’s super easy to use
  • The only system to give you a full sales funnel overview together with an outstanding page designer
  • You can create an unlimited number of sales funnels, webinars, membership sites, landing and sales pages.
  • You can do split testing easily without external tools
  • Tracking conversion throughout your entire sales funnel has never been easier
  • You pages look awesome on tablets and smartphones with full responsive design
  • Control your brand 100% – from domain to the emails being sent
  • Fantastic support

And how can I get a clickfunnels account?

I´m glad you ask it, and I have good news for you. currently, Clickfunnels is giving away free 14 days trial to try their system, if you like it take it, if not leave it, simply as that.

Click the following link to get your Free 14 days Trial to ClickFunnels