Top 10 Places To Find And Schedule Email Solo Ads

Top 10 Places To Find And Schedule Email Solo Ads

Following is our current Top 10 list of places to find and schedule solo ads, starting for as little as $20-25 for 50 clicks. This list is based directly on member feedback…

1. (Hot tip: Look for sellers with good ratings and a ‘$’ symbol next to their listing)

2. Facebook Solo Ad Group # 1 (Request to join this free community of solo ad buyers and sellers)

3. Facebook Solo Ad Group # 2 (Solo ads and ad swaps community)

4. Solo Ads Directory # 1 (Reed Floren’s free solo ad directory)

5. Solo Ads Directory # 2 (Paul DeSousa’s free solo ad directory)

6. Solo Ads Directory # 3 (Another great solo ad directory with helpful stats included)

7. Top 50 Solo Ad Vendors (An older listing of solo ad providers but worth checking out)

8. (Use this when you’re ready to GO BIG.)

9. Directory Of Ezines (Charlie Page’s famous solo ad directory)

NEW! 10. Igor Solo Ads (Igor Kheifets’ popular risk free solo ads!)

Avoid this costly solo advertising mistake…

Whatever you do, do not give up after running just one or two solo ads. Don’t judge the performance of your funnel/system until you’ve brought in at least 200-300 direct subscribers (keep the faith). The reason is this: solo ad quality and performance can greatly vary. You want to look for email lists that have buyers on them because this says a lot about the quality of subscribers you’ll be getting and how likely they are to take action. This will often be indicated in testimonials and feedback, such as provided in solo ad buyer / seller marketplaces like is also awesome if you have a bigger budget, because they’ll really take you by the hand and show you the best vendors (list owners) to run your ad and opportunity with. The owner, Harris Fellman, has 15+ years of online experience.