Safelist Marketing Strategy – Does Safelists Works?

First off, let’s cover the basics of what a safelist or also called mailer is and how to use them, for those of you who are new to using them and do not know how they work.


What is a Safelist?


A safelist is an advertising site dedicated to helping it’s members advertise their own websites and offers based on a credit system (some older safelists or mailers are not credit based). In most safelists members receive credits for viewing others websites in exchange for views of their own offers. They differ from traffic exchanges in the way your offers are delivered. Safelists deliver your offers via email, traffic exchanges deliver your offers via web browser. They also usually have a link and banner exchange, based on a credit system as well. Safelist you usually can only send your ads, once or twice a week as a free member, upgraded members can usually send more often and to more people. Traffic exchanges you can advertise on everyday, all day long.

By utilizing safelists and mailers you gain more exposure for your offers by viewing other people’s websites. Most will give you free credits for signing up, so this gives you immediate advertising power.

Safelists are free to join and use, with optional pro upgrades, or you can purchase credit packages to advertise your banners, websites, and text ads. Because safelists are free to join and use, this makes them extremely appealing to many marketers, there are literally thousands of people using safelists everyday. You never run out of potential new leads and customers.


Do Safelists Work?


Email marketing is still the best way to communicate online, you have the ability to reach tens of thousands of people a day literally at the push of a send button. Like other marketing methods, you have to figure out how to best utilize them to get results, just putting up any old page does not work, and this is the same for any marketing method you use. People crave free traffic especially because they sometimes have limited budgets to use to build their business, and that is exactly what safelists provide!

Think about it this way, all members of safelists are trying to make money online… You can not get any more targeted traffic then this! If you present an offer to them, that gives them a solution to their money making problems, they will join you, they will buy from you…

My partner Brenda and I have used them for several years now and we get results from them everyday. It’s not a question if they work, it is, how do I best utilize them to get the results I seek? And with any marketing strategy it is always the goal to keep broadening your reach, leveraging your time and money to reach more people more often.

Here is a highlight of some of the benefits:

1. They are free to join and use, this makes them very cost effective and also provides a great incentive for new people to join them. You can open emails and click for credits as long as you want and get traffic to your site absolutely FREE! It never has to cost you one dime.

2. Extremely simple to set up and operate, my son started using them as well at 10 years old to advertise a gaming webpage he created, and he got sign ups.

3. You will get traffic to your site immediately, you can get thousands of visitors a day.

4. You can build downlines in them and create residual traffic and commissions, once you have enough active downline you will start to build credits without doing anything. This traffic is free so you are actually getting paid with free traffic.

5. You can upgrade for a small fee and get monthly credits that you do not have to click for (it’s a set cost), or buy credits any time you want to leverage your time.

6. Safelists will pay you for referring new members that upgrade or buy credits.

7. If you upgrade you get paid larger commissions on your referrals and their traffic.

8. It only takes a few of your referrals to upgrade and your upgrade is paid for, hence all your traffic is free.

9. Safelists offer you unlimited customers, new people join them everyday, they are very targeted leads, the thousands of people that join them everyday are opportunity seekers and other webmasters, these people look to buy products and services.


Why So Many Safelists listed below?


I get asked this question a lot, why don’t you just get all your traffic from one traffic source or only a few safelists or why do you use so many?

All traffic sources are like socks and underwear, you can’t just have a few pairs, otherwise you will wear them out too quickly, LOL. Seriously, you need the diversity, otherwise you will be reaching the same audience way to often.

All safelists have a different size membership base of active surfers at any given time, they are referred from various sources. And all safelists grow at different rates of bringing in new people to the market. Owners advertise in different places, some don’t advertise hardly at all. There are also higher and lower points of activity in each safelist depending on the time, day, week and so forth. The more new people coming in to the safelist market the more responsive the safelists become.


Do I have to join and use them all?


No you do not… You choose which programs you join, or how many. We just make sure to provide you with the ones we feel are the best in our industry. Now it’s up to you how you build your business and which programs you decide to utilize and join. Just remember your downline may come behind you and join all of them, so you would simply pass up your referral to your sponsor for the programs you do not put your id in place for.


How To Get Started With Safelists And Learning How They Work


**Attention** Make sure you have a Gmail account, as many of the safelists below will only accept a gmail email address, (I would also encourage you to set up a second gmail account specifically for your safelists and mailers). You can get one for free at

You will get a ton of emails from safelists. They are very effective! If you have never used them before, do not be afraid, they are a very valuable tool, just set up a separate email account for them. I can not stress enough how effective safelists can be, learning to use them properly and getting good upgrades in them can propel your sign ups and commissions by leaps and bounds!

I know people that have built small fortunes online by only advertising in safelists. Safelists work fast. Most give you free credits for joining so you can email people immediately!

Now join all the following safelists and mailers for free. Any that you do not join will simply default to your sponsors referral id. You can change any of these codes at any time. Simply enter the new referral id and click the “Update” button.

After Joining and confirming your email in each safelist, log in to them and send out emails, you can use any of your links we have set up for you. Also by going to the affiliate toolbox tab above, you will find done for you emails (Just copy and paste). And for those of you that wish to write your own, you can follow the example below.

**The best way to use any traffic source, is to send the traffic to a squeeze page or opt-in page to build your list, we helped you set these up in step 3.

Subject: Discover How YOU Can QUICKLY Bank $100+ Each Day…

Email content:

Call to action: While It is Still Available.

Follow my step by step system and learn how to make
an easy $3,000 EVERY Month & build a fast 1,000 person list in
just 1 hour a day…”

Click link for more info and to sign up:


(Your Name)


In any of the traffic programs it’s always best to upgrade to get the maximum results, but always follow a budget and reinvest profits to propel your business faster and get bigger profits. Paid traffic is the fastest way to achieve your results. But do not walk into it blindly. If you make your own squeeze pages, test them first and your traffic sources, before you waste a ton of money. You will have to be willing to invest money into traffic and test it, to determine your ROI (return of investment). Then you keep leveraging (scaling up) your ROI into more profits.

***Do Not enter your whole affiliate url below in the spaces, only your id or username for the program*** Example: this is my referral url for Hit2Hit, the number at the end is my id 59095 this is what you would enter below.

Sometimes the id will be your username. You can find your ids from any of the programs below by logging into them and locating your referral url, usually located under affiliate toolbox or promote. The video below will explain.