*New Trick* How To Get On The First Page Of Google For FREE!

How to get on the first page of Google. By my friend, an expert in internet marketing, who's website is http://howtomarketyourbusinessonline.net
I made a bet with my friend that he couldn't get my business advertised on the first page of Google with in 24hrs. But to make a long story short I'm out $50 bucks so to get back at him, I decided to post a video about how I think he did it. Hopefully you all can use this against him haha.
He has tons of internet marketing experience and lots of strategies I'm sure. I know he has a website where hes taking people by the hand and teaching everything he knows about marketing a small business online.
If your interested, it is definitely worth checking into, last time I checked he had like 60 something spots left but I'm sure they will fill up fast because he truly knows his stuff and is a great teacher. Just check it out and see if its something that peaks your interest http://howtomarketyourbusinessonline.net