Methods To Make Money Online – Method #1 $0 to $100 With Free Traffic

Hey there, Hector J, and with this article we´ll start the series of method to make money online.

In a nutshell, this simple method will teach you 3 simple steps that we’re going to reveal can take any newcomer from ZERO to $50/day, $75/day, or even $100+/day with this.

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This is a very simple process, and we will lay it all out for you step-by-step-by-step. If you can’t do this method.. and you can’t follow these steps, then you might as well throw in the towel on Internet Marketing. This is as simple as it gets right here. Before we get started, we need to cover some important stuff..

But for this method to work, you must have the right MINDSET.

■ If you’re like most people in IM, you’ve been buying product after product out there and nothing is working for you except less cash in your bank account and you are fed up big time!

■ I’m sure you’ve realized that buying product after product doesn’t get you anywhere.

■ The key to your success is really to just follow a PROVEN

step by step system. That’s it.

■ And follow it to the T without skipping steps.

■ And be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT thru the process. And you’ll do just fine.

■ “A river cuts through Rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence!”

■ Without further ado.. let’s begin:

OVERVIEW of The Method #1 $75+/day

Let us first remind you of what this is NOT about.

This system works no matter your experience level. Any newcomer starting from absolute zero can do this and see profits quickly.

The Revealed method that we will use is the following:

We will build a list by driving traffic to a squeeze page inviting people to enter their email in exchange for the opportunity to see a great way to make money online.

This method #1 comes down to these 3 SIMPLE Steps:

○ 1) Narrow Down 5-10 Affiliate Offers To Promote (Both

Existing & Upcoming Offers)

○ 2) Send Traffic To Your Simple Lead Magnet

○ 3) Scaling To The BIG Paydays and 10x’ing Your Results


STEP #1: Narrow Down 5-10 Affiliate Offers To Promote (Both

Existing & Upcoming Offers)

○ There are several Affiliate Networks you can choose from such as Clickbank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clicksure, but for this method we are going to focus exclusively on WarriorPlus, you can join for free at: (

■ It’s FREE to sign up if you haven’t already.

○ The Simple Rule of Thumb that Bobby follows:

■ 3-5 existing offers from WarriorPlus or JVzoo

■ 3-5 upcoming offers that are about to launch at WarriorPlus or


○ First let’s look at existing offers:

○ Login to WarriorPlus, then click on ‘Affiliates’, and then click on ‘Offers’.

○ Then click on ‘Launch date’ to sort from most recent to oldest listings.

○ The IDEAL stats to look for:

■ At least 250+ total sales. But not more than 2000+.

■ At least $1.50 EPC (earnings per click)

■ Less than 5% refund rate

■ Ideally something that launched fairly recently (within the past 6 months)

■ Get your link approved (we’ll get to this in a sec) ○ You’ll want to get a list of 3-5 WarriorPlus listings that fit that above criteria.

○ This is the copy n’ paste message to use to get APPROVED:

■ Approval message: “Hey this offer looks great. Love the sales page! Would like to share this with my small list. Please approve ASAP so I can get a mailer out soon, thanks!”

■ That right there is what vendors love to see.

■ Too many newcomers get denied and get frustrated and quit. That msg will prevent that from happening.

■ If you don’t have a list, no problem. You can still use that same above message because with this method you ARE going to be building a small list of subscribers. And you WILL have those subscribers when it comes time to do the promo.

■ The word “soon” gives you plenty of breathing room 🙂

○ Request links with 10 WarriorPlus listings ideally, and when you use that above copy n’ paste message, you are bound to get approved by at LEAST 3-4 product listings.

○ Once approved, your affiliate link will arrive in your inbox.

○ Next: Find 3-5 upcoming offers:

■ Ideally low priced products ($5 to $10)

■ Ideally 100% commissions.. 75% comm is ok too.

■ One place to find them is

■ Let’s go take a look

■ Message to use for upcoming offers to get APPROVED:

■ “Hey your upcoming offer looks great. Would like to share this with my small list. Pls approve ASAP so I can get a mailer out soon, thanks!”

============================================ Your SIMPLE Task: Request links with 10 existing WarriorPlus

listings. Make sure each listing has the ideal stats listed above.

And request your links for all the listings using the copy n’ paste message above. Try to get at least 3-4 affiliate links that you can use. And also request links for 5-10 upcoming offers that you find at that meet the above criteria (100% comm, low price point, has email swipes you can use, etc)


Next I´m going to show you how to send the “Traffic” to a simple lead magnet so that you aren’t just making profits with this method, but you’re also collecting your own red hot leads that you can promote to for months/years to come! This is the surefire way to

$50 to $100 paydays. It will be released within 24 hours. For now, be sure to do the SIMPLE task above.


In this Training we’re going to dive into exactly how to send Traffic to these profitable affiliate offers, not only so you can bank 50/paydays and 75/paydays very quickly but also so you can build a list ASSET for yourself.

  • We’ve got a lot of ground to cover here yet, let´s move on.
  • First, an unannounced bonus that we really weren’t planning on…

○ You must create a super simple squeeze page. You can download a FREE Squeeze Page Creator, that allows you create amazing landing pages without coding HERE

○ Simply use headline directly from sales page you want to promote to create your headline for your squeeze page!


  • Go find all JV swipes. Look ideally for 2-3 swipes, premail, etc
  • Note: The fortune is in the follow up.
  • Put them in an autoresponder that you may already have. If you don´t have any yet, you´ll have to sign up to any of the best:


Getresponse – Free 30 day trial then $16 per month*

Aweber – $1 for 30 day trial then $19 per month*

All in One Pro – No trial $10 per month + Free hosting for unlimited websites and tools*

Trafficwave – Free 30 day trial then $17.95 per month*

Free Autoresponder – Free PHP script, runs on your own server, never pays fees

*Prices may vary without any notice, please go to verify current costs.


  • Rinse repeat this process with different offers.
  • 3-4 emails per offer.
  • Always be sure to mail to fresh leads as they come in.
  • You want to strike while the iron is HOT!
  • Note: It’s ok to use same swipe email or a slight variation of it. Send to unopens.
  • STEP #2: Send The Traffic To Your Simple Lead Magnet

○ I use Aweber to do this next step because it makes this step super easy to do.

○ Aweber has a free 30-day trial and is just $19/mo after the trial period.

○ You can sign up for the 30-day trial on the link above:

■ If you have GetResponse, you can still setup a simple sign up form, using similar steps.

○ Ok now for the sign up form. (also called an optin page)

○ There are so many tools, widgets, and themes out there to create these sign up forms (aka optin pages)… but we’re going to make this 10x easier.

○ Thanks to Aweber, you can simply create a sign up form right inside their interface.

■ Let’s go thru the step-by-step process NOW on exactly how to do it.

■ Make sure you use the “REVEALED:” tip since that is the

CORE step in this entire Method #1 $75/day System.

■ And make sure the ‘Thank You Page’ URL goes right to the sales page of the offer you’re promoting. That makes this process 10x easier.

■ No need to deliver PDFs or reports or anything like that.

Thanks to the “REVEALED:” tip, we are simply sending your new subscriber directly to the affiliate offer at hand. Easy peasy for you. Makes sense for them.

■ And this way you can simply follow up with your new subscribers and really hit home the fact that they need to jump

on that product if they want money fast, more on that later in a future step.

○ IMPORTANT: Do SINGLE optin to get even more subscribers.

■ Let’s go thru the step-by-step process quickly on exactly how to do it.

○ See how easy this is? Anyone can do this.

○ And you’re both building your list AND making surefire profits with this.


Traffic Sources:

  • Before we get into the traffic sources…


○ To put it simply.. without traffic, you can’t make money.

○ Traffic is the LIFEBLOOD of an online business.

○ We will show you both FREE and PAID traffic sources. We’ve got you covered.

○ Once you turn on the Traffic Methods we show you, like we mentioned in the previous step, not only will you have a hot subscriber list that you can send more offers to, but you’ll also be making a nice burst of initial profits from this first campaign that we are doing, to the tune of $50/day, $75/day, or even $100/day.

○ Basically the process goes like this:

■ Targeted Traffic => Optin Form => The Affiliate Offer’s Sales Page

○ Then they start getting your promo emails which is where the

REAL Money is at.

○ There are TONS of different traffic sources out there… PPC traffic, email list traffic, youtube traffic, solo ads traffic, traffic from facebook groups, google traffic, you name it.

■ For this method/system, we are going to focus mainly on:

■ Facebook Group traffic (it’s free and it’s instant traffic), Solo ad traffic (yes, it DOES work).. and Email list traffic (hands down the best traffic you can have..)

■ The awesome thing about these 3 traffic sources is they are

IMMEDIATE and bring extremely FAST results.

■ Vs.. some of the other traffic sources that take forever (google, youtube, etc)

■ We realize you want results and you want them now.

■ So let’s make that happen:

○ #1 – Email List Traffic (this is for those that already have a small list)

■ But even if you don’t have a list, you will want to know this stuff.

■ Because it applies to so much more than just email.

■ When you write your emails, you are just simply sending out a recommendation.

■ You are simply making them “aware” of an awesome/simple/fast/new solution that will fix their problem.

■ Tell your subscribers about all the massive benefits that they’ll get from the product.

■ Get swipes from JV page to follow up with leads easily.

■ You can usually find the JV page from the WarriorPlus listing or from Muncheye.

■ You don’t need to hard-sell at all. That’s what the sales page is for!

■ SUBJECT LINE: Should be relevant to their niche, and should be benefit-driven.

■ e.g. New simple method I found.. (Easy 130/day!)

■ Notice how my subject line isn’t all caps. Again a lot of lowercase. These get alot more opens from my testing!

■ Also notice how the subject line tells them 5 things:

■ It’s relevant to them. Who doesn’t love a 100+/day method?

■ I’m telling them it’s SIMPLE.

■ I’m telling them it’s EASY.

■ I’m telling them it’s NEW.

■ I’m telling them what’s in it for THEM. (130/day)


○ #2 – Paid Traffic Method: Solo Ads (Joe uses this the most)

■ Paid traffic has its place. Because it is INSTANT traffic as well.

■ Yes it does cost money  but if you put $1 in, and get $2 to $3 back, isn’t that worth it?

■ If you’re not familiar with Solo Ads, it basically means we are

“ordering someone else´s email traffic.”

■ You simply pay a list owner to send out your offer and squeeze page.

■ And the SIMPLE email strategies I gave you above will make you 99% better than other people out there that are clueless with email marketing.

■ So you can apply these strategies to your solo ads and have a much bigger ROI.

■ Where to find the solo ad sellers? Facebook.

■ In the Facebook Search Bar type in: Solo Ad Testimonials

■ These are GREAT places to find solo ad sellers because you get to see feedback and testimonials before you order. Similar to Amazon. This gives you peace of mind.

■ Always be sure to check out their testimonials before ordering.

■ For example:

■ That is the main thing you want to look out for when buying a solo ad. Do your homework on the vendor. Make sure they are legit and it will pay off for you, big time.

  • #3 – Another Free Traffic Method: Facebook Groups

○ Inside Facebook, go to Facebook Search Bar and type in keywords like:


■ Make Money Online

■ Internet Marketing

■ Warriorplus

■ JVzoo

○ Join a bunch of these Facebook groups (10-20 is a good # to start with)

○ Read the rules on the groups to make sure you can post affiliate links, otherwise you’ll risk getting booted from a group.

■ A quicker way.. if you see a lot of people posting their links and ads in the FB group at first glance, then that’s a good indicator that it’s OK for you to do the same.

○ OPTIONAL: Post a couple business quotes and motivation quotes in the group to get a bit established before you start blatantly pasting your sign up form link.

■ This is an optional step, but it is recommended.

■ Just find some good quotes from Google Images.

○ Now for getting the highly targeted traffic to your optin page

+ affiliate link:

○ Let’s say I’m promoting 8 Minute Profits 2.0.

■ Simply grab the main headline from the sales page.

■ Their main headline is: “Finally, A Simple Newbie-Friendly Method That Makes You $323.15 Per Day With FREE Traffic And Just 8 Minutes To Get Setup…”

■ So I’d rework it a tad to make it less salesy for Facebook.

■ People aren’t on Facebook to be SOLD. They are in a different


■ So I’d make my message a bit more “conversational”.

■ In other words, write like you TALK.

■ Would you ever get on the phone with 2 of your friends in a

3-way call and say: “Finally, A Simple Newbie-Friendly Method

That Makes You $323.15 Per Day With FREE Traffic And Just

8 Minutes To Get Setup…”


■ NOPE. They’d hang up on you if you did that…

■ Instead you’d say something like this:

■ Hey guys, I found this really cool method on how to make 300 bucks per day online using all FREE traffic. It takes just 8 minutes to setup. It’s really simple to do:

■ See the difference?

■ And notice how I’m writing it in lowercase. That immediately makes it more conversational and a lot less SALESY.

■ Boom. Simple.

■ And add your link of course to your optin page, so that you can collect LEADS.

■ And when they optin, they simply are redirected to the sales page.

■ The $$ and fortune is in the list, and the follow up with your list. ○ Start posting to a bunch of different groups (5 to 10 on an ongoing basis). Using that ‘softer’ conversational approach. And you will not only get leads coming into your account, but you’ll also make SALES. And boy is it ever an awesome feeling when that first sale comes in…


  • Your SIMPLE Task: Get your sign up form setup at Aweber or GetResponse. Preferably Aweber since that’s what we’re using. Use the “REVEALED:” strategy. Set it up for single optin. Pick a traffic strategy that works for you. And narrow

your focus on that. Most of you might want to start out doing the

FB group strategy. Post daily. At 5-10 different groups.

Follow the group rules. This is a fantastic way to build your list while making quick profits! So SIMPLE to do. And if you don’t want to go the FB route, then go the solo ad route. This is the route that Bobby uses the most. He simply sends traffic from solo ads to his squeeze page, and that way he’s building his list and making profits at the SAME TIME.

Best Regards,

Hector Jayat

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