How To Have Your Own Email Management System On your Server?

How To Have Your Own Email Management System On your Server?

Your Own Email Management System

What is an Email Management System?
An Email Management system (EMS)is a software that allows you to manage your email lists.

The software allows you to create email lists, web forms to capture email addresses from your leads and also this software has an autoresponder that allows you to follow up your subscribers with a newsletter.
What Email Managament Systems Exists?
Well there are tens of these services, some of these are:

Aweber, Get response, iContact, Trafficwave, AIOP, among others
All with greate features and different service prices.

What is the cost of an EMS?
Well the prices varies from service to service, some goes from $11/mo until $19/mo , but the bad news is that as your subscribers base increase so do your monthly fees will increase. This means that the more subscribers the higher fees you will have to pay.
Let´s do the math with the Price of $19/mo
In a year you will have to pay $19 x 12 – $228 Dlls and this is if you keep your subscribers base under 1000 subscribers.

The Good News
Now What if you could have your own EMS…

-For Free
-Without monthly fees
-Running on your own server
-With a PHP very easy to install and manage
-Receive a free illustrated guide on how to do the setup

Will you give it a try?

I almost forgot to tell you that the free software is provided from a well known advertising Company and you will also get Access to this platform, which means that you will have trafic the whole day 24/7 to your capture pages. Again this is For FREE as well

Ok What Are The Software Requirements?
-To have a Website
-To have a hosting provider with PHP software
-To have Access to your cpanel, a FTP Tool (optional)
-To download my free illustrated guide to do the setup

That´s  all you will need
And don´t  worries because even my 70 yold Grandma could do the setup

You don´t need any money to implement this system but what you already have:
Your Website and
Your internet connection

Please download the FREE illustrated guide that I did myself to help you deploy this system on your own server to follow up all the easy steps and get your own email management system.


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