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Ranking video on Google and YouTube is necessary if you're going to be found in the Search Engines.

In this video I'm going to show you the first and possibly the most important step rank your videos in the search engines and especially rank your videos in Google and rank them in YouTube AND which will give you an amazing psychic ability to know EXACTLY what you're viewers are looking for.

Now millions of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day. They're uploaded for fun and entertainment and it's merely for pleasure.

But what if you're using video marketing for business. What if you want to be a YouTube success?

What if you're using video marketing for your business to drive leads to your website or to your store..?

Well then you need to A: know that your viewers and potential customers are looking for, and B: rank your video in the search engines for them to see it.

You can achieve the first of these, and perhaps the most vital step of the second one in one go.

You can achieve them with Keyword Research.

Keyword research gives you an inside look into what people are looking for, and armed with that knowledge, you can then create videos around those topics and keywords.

Using the keywords properly throughout your videos will rank you better in the search engine rankings and can help you leap over your competition to get more customers and business from your video marketing efforts.

If you've created your videos before you've done your research, then you're too late.

Your chances of getting high in the Google rankings, and also the video rankings in YouTube are a lot less.

You need to have done your keyword research before creating your video as this is vital for your Video SEO – VSEO.

YouTube are getting better and better at voice recognition and they know what is being said on the videos.

The days of using Animoto to create videos and get them ranked are coming to an end.

YouTube will require good content on the videos, just like Google did a few years ago, and that's when the spammy sites got slapped, and continue to do so every time Google changes their ranking algorithm.

Using keyword research for your video rankings will give you an almost Professor X ability to read your prospects minds to see what they're looking for so you can now create and rank video to generate more business.

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