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Backlinks are still the most effective way to reach the front page of Google search results. In essence, a backlink is a link pointing to your website from another website. Search engines such as Google use them to determine a websites popularity. The concept is simple: The more links that are pointing to your site, the more popular your site must be! Backlinks also generate traffic to your site when someone clicks them and gets redirected to your url. There are many types of backlinks and the quality of the backlink is also important. A good backlink will come from a reputable source, contain relevant and unique content and provide informative anchor text for the link. The link market is saturated with individuals providing low quality links that can do more harm than good. Imagine waking up and finding that you went from the first page of google to page 300! This can be very costly and is why we urge you to use professional services such as ours.

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